Photographer, adventurer and tutor

Damien Lovegrove

What makes me tick
I love teaching how to photograph beautiful people in beautiful places with a narrative and soul. I’m passionate about light and will show you how to take control of shadows, contrast and tone to create photographs with balance and harmony. Although I’m a highly technical photographer, I will show you how to capture connection, intimacy and sensuality in your photographs.

Your experience with me
Be my guest! On a Lovegrove adventure or workshop I’ll share everything I do with you. Your confidence behind the camera will grow throughout our time together. I’ll teach you how to find and use wonderful light, how to pose and communicate with our model. I’ll encourage a relaxed shooting experience where everyone is included. We’ll have good times together and the fun won’t stop when the shooting stops. 

Behind the scenes
Julie, my wife is the business finance director and I am the dreamer. We both travel the world, living our lives to the full while teaching other photographers new skills. We love sharing happy times together and helping others to achieve their potential.

Personal traits
You know that guy who cries at movies? Well, that’s me. I guess I’m emotionally fragile but some would say ‘strong in character’. I’d consider myself to be shy although I’m gregarious too. Interaction with creative minds fizzing with ideas excites me and I live for the fun moments. I’m also known to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day. I love to cook with passion and usually off-piste.

Professional Background

Damien Lovegrove is considered by many to be one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers. He is best known for creating portraits that make women look fabulous. Having had a glittering career at the BBC as a cameraman and lighting director spanning 14 years he left it all behind him in 1998 to become a full-time photographer.

For the past 20 years Lovegrove has travelled the world as a wedding and portrait photographer and now loves to share his knowledge, skills and experience with passionate photographers. His radiant energy makes him an ideal workshop tutor and leader of adventures. In 2013 Damien became an official Fujifilm X-Photographer and remains one of the chosen few Fujifilm brand ambassadors to this day. You are in expert hands on a Lovegrove workshop.

Our Company Ethos

We are a small company with a big profile. A player on the world stage working from a converted farm in Somerset. Our enthusiastic verve is creatively driven. We love planning adventures and always strive to exceed our own and our customers’ expectations. The foundation for our team’s success comes from a strategy that delivers excellent planning and support for fun-filled creative adventures. Damien, our tour leader has never stopped learning and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on.

The Team

Damien Lovegrove is the photographer and tour leader. A creative visionary with a whirlwind of ideas. He loves to travel the world sharing his passion, skills, and fun-filled adventures with fellow photographers along the way. Damien is visually inspired and is a lover of all things beautiful.

Julie Lovegrove is the Accounts Director and ensures the spreadsheets for each event bear some relationship with reality. Julie runs all aspects of the financial administration. Julie’s other role is that of adventurer, photographer and tour leader over at Julie’s Adventures.