Our Company Ethos

We are a small company with a big profile. A player on the world stage working from a converted farm in Somerset. Our enthusiastic verve is creatively driven. We love planning adventures and always strive to exceed our own and our customers’ expectations. The foundation for our team’s success comes from a strategy that delivers excellent planning and support for fun filled creative adventures. Damien, our tour leader has never stopped learning and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on.

The Lovegrove team photograph
Left to right: Laura, Blaise, Damien and Julie

Meet our team

Blaise and Laura run Damien’s diary, they plan the logistics of the workshops and adventures, and they deal with the day to day workings at the Lovegrove studio.

Julie Lovegrove is the Accounts Director and ensures the spreadsheets for each event bear some relationship with reality. Julie runs all aspects of the financial administration. Julie’s other role is that of adventurer, photographer and tour leader over at Julie’s Adventures

Damien Lovegrove is the photographer and tour leader. A creative visionary with a whirlwind of ideas. He loves to travel the world sharing his passion, skills and fun filled adventures with fellow photographers along the way. Damien is visually inspired and is a lover of all things beautiful.