Portfolio ~ Damien Lovegrove


I’ve distilled my personal work into galleries that mark the changing styles of my portraiture.

2003 – 2010 Mono Collection

73 photographs with captions

2003 – 2010 Colour Collection

65 photographs

2011 – 2013 Mono Collection

85 photographs

2011 – 2013 Colour Collection

46 photographs

2014 – 2015 Mono Collection

64 photographs

2014 – 2015 Colour Collection

82 photographs

2016 – 2017 Mono Collection

Coming soon

2016 – 2017 Colour Collection

Coming soon


Throughout my career I’ve shot many genres. All the work here is from my personal collection, mostly taken on the many workshops or 1:1 training sessions that I’ve given.

Hollywood Portraits

55 photographs with captions

The Beauty Within

69 photographs with captions

Lovegrove Nudes 2010 – 2015

90 photographs

Lovegrove Nudes 2016 – 2020

92 photographs

Lovegrove Nudes 2021

44 photographs

Fashion and Commercial

85 photographs

Travel and Landscape

Coming soon


Coming soon


These galleries showcase the dirrerent lighting styles and equipment that I use. I learned to use Fresnel spotlights in the 1980s and 90s when I was at the BBC. I love to break up my light so there is a section dedicated to my Scatterflash modifier. It’s a product that I had designed and made from scratch.


52 photographs

Lupo fresnel spotlights

Coming soon

Flash on location

Coming soon

Natural light

Coming soon

Cameras & Lenses

These galleries showcase the some of the photographs that I’ve taken with my current camera kit. The camera really is the least significant part of the chain when it comes to making photographs. No1. Is the photographer of course. It is my job to scout the locations, find a model, style the shoot, design the lighting and most of all create the moment. No2. Is the lens. The lens converts the three dimensional scene that I have set up into a two dimensional image. No3. Is the camera. All the camera has to do is record the image.

Fujifilm GFX50s

Coming soon

Fujifilm GF32-64 F4 R LM WR

90 Photographs

Fujifilm GF110 F2 R LM WR

94 Photographs

Fujifilm GF250 F4 R LM WR

24 Photographs

Technical insights

 I first shot personal work in the digital era in 2003 and I’ve owned several cameras over the years. Fujifilm S1, S2, Nikon D200, D700, Hasselblad H2 with Phase One P25+, Canon 5D, 5D mk11 were the principal cameras that I used in the DSLR era from 2003 until early 2013.

I bought a Fujifilm X100 on the day it came out in 2011. It was my first mirrorless camera and it changed the way I took photographs for ever.

In 2012 I bought a Fujifilm X-Pro1 and within a year of using it I had sold all of my DSLR cameras. I was invited into the fold of the Fujifilm X photographers and I stayed with Fujifilm X series until 2016 when I started using a prototype GFX50s camera. I’ve use the GFX50s ever since and always on a tripod.

My love affair with the little Fujifilm X100 continues and I am using the X100v alongside my Fujifilm GFX50s.

Develop your skills

I run workshops and adventures around the world teaching how to photograph portraits, nudes, and landscape genres. You can find all the scheduled events here. These events are life changing for some of my clients and they join me year after year having fun creative times in great company. It’s a life worth living.

My 1:1 sessions are open to all abilities. You get to choose the genre from Hollywood glamour, lifestyle nude, figure in the landscape, boudoir, or urban portrait. I will offer you a shortlist of models and together we will set the location. This can be almost anywhere in the world. Click this link for more information.

The fastest and most efficient way to improve your photography is to invest in yourself. No amount of camera kit will make you a great photographer, but training will. Start by reading my ‘how to’ book called Portraits. Then come on a workshop/ holiday and have the time of your life doing the things you love. Just a suggestion 😉

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