“The Fujifilm GF250mm lens is a fabulous prime telephoto lens. This long tele lens for the GFX system is about the size of an f/2.8 70-200mm DSLR lens. It is deceptively lightweight for its size and feels good to use. The AF system is super fast, the focussing is internal and the build quality is sublime. However, the image quality is where this lens stands out. It delivers a decent amound of depth of field rendering when used wide open. It is perfect to keep a full length person sharp from front to back and top to bottom (about 40cm DOF) while rendering the background beautifully out of focus. This makes this lens perfect for shooting clothing and close portraits where an out of focus nose or ears are not wanted. This lens delivers a calm beautiful bokeh that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Instead, the out of focus areas support the image with sublime, neutral, subject separation.”  Damien Lovegrove


A collection of photographs by Damien Lovegrove

All the photographs in this gallery were taken with the Fujifilm GF250mm lens on a Fujifilm GFX50s camera. The camera was on a tripod for every shot and the lens was wide open at f/4 for the vast majority of the captures.

Click on the pictures for a lightbox view.

“Being able to depend upon the finest image quality from a lens is reassuring. The Fujinon GF 250mm f/4 lens leaves me with total confidence allowing me to get on with the process of creating pictures”  Damien Lovegrove

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If you love textured light I’d suggest you try out the Scatterflash on a Godox AD200. It really is a game changer.

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