A collection by Damien Lovegrove.

“Ever since my BBC training in the 1980s and 90s I’ve been fascinated by the lighting techniques used in the black and white film era. Hard light from soft-edged spotlights is what is needed. Their resurgence in recent times has made the whole process easier as hot continuous lamps have given way to LED from companies like Lupo in Italy” Damien Lovegrove

Click on the pictures for the lighting notes and comments about the shots.

If you have been inspired by the pictures in this gallery and would like to know the secrets behind shooting Hollywood Glamour style photographs, take a look at this film by Damien lovegrove. The film Hollywood Portraits Remastered is a masterful guide to this classic genre.

To get these wonderful dappled lighting effects, Damien Lovegrove uses Scatterflah gels on his LED Fresnel Spotlights. He just clips them to the barn doors, puts the lamp into full flood mode and the magical light is created.

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