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Each video is in high-definition and broken down into chapters giving you easy to follow, step by step guidance to help you take your photography to the next level.

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Illumination 2

Duration: 2hrs 24mins
No. of chapters: 25
1080p full HD .mov files
In this video, Damien teaches you everything you need to know about using flash on location.
Duration: 1hr 42min
No. of chapters: 25
1080p full HD .mov files
In this video, Damien shows you how to capture a wide range of exciting and dynamic urban portraits.
Watch the Lumen trailer below.
Watch the Illumination 2 trailer below.


Lighting Studio Portraits

Duration: 1hr 55mins
No. of chapters: 19
1080p full HD .mov files
Illumination is the ultimate training experience in lighting portraits on location.
Duration: 3hrs 20mins
No. of chapters: 36
720p HD .mov files
Here, Damien teaches you the most important technical skills in lighting and capturing striking studio style portraits.
Watch the Illumination trailer below.
Watch the Lighting Studio Portraits trailer below.

Hollywood Portraits


Duration: 1hr 46mins
No. of chapters: 17
1080p full HD .mov files
In this video, Damien shows you how to recreate the enigmatic charm of a bygone era of photography.
Duration: 1hr 47mins
No. of chapters: 18
720p HD .mov files
In this featured packed video, Damien shows you step by step how to create beautiful boudoir portraits.
Watch the Hollywood Portraits trailer below.
Watch the Simply Boudoir trailer below.

Photographing Couples

The Complete Collection

Duration: 1hr 30mins
No. of chapters: 24
720p full HD .mov files
In this video, Damien shows you how to create beautiful couples portraits using simple, but effective strategies.
No. of titles: 7
1080p or 720p HD .mov files
Get the complete set of 7 Lovegrove Training Videos all written and presented by Damien Lovegrove.
Watch the Photographing Couples trailer below.
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David Avatar

WOW! You all need a pat on the back for producing a masterpiece. I think that the Lovegrove style could ‘sell’ or ‘educate’ on any subject and you’d walk away with a ton of gear and a feel good factor that you could not buy outside any night club.

David 8/06/2019
Ioannis Tsouloulis Avatar

WOW!! That’s another GREAT tutorial video!

Ioannis Tsouloulis 8/06/2019
Murray Laidlaw Avatar

A Masterpiece If you only buy one video on lighting this year it probably should be this one. This is one of the best lighting videos currently available.

Murray Laidlaw 8/06/2019
Piet Van den Eynde Avatar

Brilliant! Love the production value! Just like your previous videos, it makes me want to go out and shoot! Lots of energy, contrary to some of the other tutorials out there.

Piet Van den Eynde 8/06/2019