20th March, 2018

Portfolio Critique

I offer a 2-hour remote portfolio critique service via Skype (a pair of one-hour sessions) – £160

Session 1 (1 hour)
An overview of your body of work, past and present, incorporating any genres and styles that you’ve shot. This session will give a good feeling of where you are on your photographic journey. I will identify traits and ideas in your images that can be further explored or refined.

Session 2 (1 hour)
Using a whittled down collection of your images, I will drill down to find an emerging style and help define a strategy for future work. Where simple improvements can be made to your images by cropping or post-production I will share my vision with you using a live demo via a screen share.

The benefits of critique

Sometimes the most obvious route to self-development is staring you right in the face, but you just can’t see the wood for the trees.

This is where a critique session can help you identify a direction and a style, as well as areas of potential in your photography. It’s important to identify where progress can be made in your work. Sometimes we can identify improvements to post-production or your shooting technique. Maybe improvements in lighting or connection with your subject will make big differences but often the greatest step forward comes from combining attributes that you already have in your work and leaving out the least successful elements.

Some people think a critique is all about work to date and assessing it and judging it, I see a critique as releasing potential and championing the best bits. I don’t want people to be scared of this process; as artists, we can be fragile and become very defensive. I like to protect the people I’m working with to ensure they have a clear understanding of where they can take their work and a feeling of achievement of their progress so far.

How many images should I choose?

60 is a good number to start with. We will discuss the collection as a whole then I’ll go into more detail on 30 or so of them and sum up with a host of ideas that you can apply to your work. I will load your shots into a Lightroom or Capture One catalogue (Whatever you prefer) and I’ll share my screen with you over Skype as I discuss your work.


I am kind, sharing and patient. I take care to communicate in in a sensitive way. I am good at appreciating achievement and seeing potential rather than just problems. Having said that I am honest and I say it as I see it. As a specialist portrait photographer I have developed a finely tuned understanding of light. I also understand subject connection and emotional narrative. Once you know what to look for in your photography everything becomes easier. A critique with me will help you develop as a photographer.

Google Reviews

Dave Hill Avatar

I love Damien's work so to get the opportunity to spend a day in Bristol passing on his knowledge was a dream. A brilliant day, took me out of my comfort zone and came away with new ideas for urban photography. Would definitely recommend a day with Damien and would do it again if the opportunity arises. Definitely 5*

Dave Hill 04/10/2019
Dr. Abdulaziz Almutawa Avatar

I learned about Damien Lovegrove when I was searching the internet for Classic Hollywood look.
After looking into his work to create magical classic Hollywood looks straight out of the camera without much editing using continuous lights, I was very much in love with his photography techniques and lighting skills.
During our 1:1 Training, Damien explained his lighting techniques which are sometimes very subtle yet...
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Dr. Abdulaziz Almutawa 09/08/2019