20th March, 2018

Portfolio Critique

2 hour remote portfolio critique via Skype (over 2 x 1hr sessions) – £160

Session 1 (1 hour)
An overview of your body of work, past and present, incorporating any genres and styles that you’ve shot.

Session 2 (1 hour)
Using a more refined collection of images, drill down to find an emerging style, a strategy and vision for future work.

The benefits of critique

Sometimes the most obvious route to self development is staring you right in the face, but you just can’t see the wood for the trees.

This is where a critique session can help you identify a direction and a style, as well as areas of potential. It’s important to identify where improvements can be made in your work. Sometimes we can identify improvements to post production or shooting technique, maybe improvements in lighting, but often the greatest step forwards is combining attributes that you already have in your work and leaving out the least successful elements.

Some people think a critique is all about work to date and assessing it and judging it, I see a critique as releasing potential and championing the best bits. I don’t want people to be scared of this process; as artists we can be fragile and become very defensive. I like to protect the people I’m working with to ensure they have a clear understanding of where they can take their work and a feeling of achievement of their progress so far.

How many images?

60 is a good number. We will discuss the collection then I’ll go into more detail on 30 or so and sum up with ideas on direction of style etc. I will load the shots in Lightroom and share my screen with you.


Considered by many to be one of the worlds most influential contemporary photographers, he is best known for creating portraits that make women look fabulous.

Joining the BBC at the age of 19, Damien worked as a cameraman and trained as a Lighting Director before leaving in 1998 to become a full time photographer.

Now a Fujifilm X Photographer and Fujifilm UK Ambassador, he has travelled the world as a commercial photographer, a wedding and portrait photographer and now a teacher, motivator, writer and columnist.