Tuscany Workshop 2020 Lovegrove Nudes & Portraits Lovegrove Nudes & Portraits Tuscany Workshop 2020

An Italian Experience with Damien Lovegrove

“Join me on this photography workshop in Tuscany and I will lead you on a journey of discovery. We will photograph exquisite beauty in wonderful lost locations. Experience the breathtaking landscapes in the Val d’Orcia. Dine on the freshest, authentic Italian cuisine and have fun as the sun sets.” Damien Lovegrove

Postponed until 2021 Date to be confirmed

Workshop price £3594 Inc VAT – The deposit required to secure your place is £500


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Dates:  Postponed until 2021 Dates to be confirmed
Tutor:  Damien Lovegrove
Genres:  Lovegrove Nudes and Portraits
Group Size:  Maximum of 6 participants
Price:  £3594 inc. VAT
Deposit:  £500

  • Four full days of shooting in wonderful, rural Tuscany
  • Staying in an exquisite luxury villa that is ours exclusively
  • Three professional models
  • Shooting landscapes in the most beautiful Val D’Orcia
  • Shooting in abandoned farm buildings and villas
  • Location shoot at a secret waterfall
  • Fine wine and fresh home cooking

Photography Workshop in Tuscany BTS

Here is a behind the scenes video that I shot on the first two days of my photography workshop in Tuscany 2019. It gives you an idea of the relaxed nature of the shooting experience on a Lovegrove adventure.

As you can see, the group are energised but focussed and calm. A group size of six shooters is perfect. Everyone gets the shots that they want before we move on.  The days are full and the evenings are wonderful.


On this 5-night photography workshop in Tuscany, we’ll be shooting in arguably one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. We will photograph a mixture of portraits, fashion, boudoir, figure-in-the-landscape, and the occasional exquisite landscape. We will work with three wonderful Italian models and there will be four workshop (teaching) days with arrival and departure days either side.

For the duration of this photography workshop in Tuscany, we will stay at our exclusive luxury villa near Seggiano. We will venture out to shoot in selected local abandoned farmhouses and villas that dot the countryside. We will also shoot boudoir in the bedrooms at our villa. We will shoot portraits by the pool and in the olive groves at sundown. These sessions will be relaxed and fun, instructional and inspirational.

There will not be many miles for us to cover on this trip. The emphasis will be on taking photographs under my guidance rather than traveling. Nearer the time we will create a private Facebook group so that you can get to know each other, ask questions about the lenses and equipment required and arrange car shares to and from the airport.

A lot of careful planning has gone into this photography workshop in Tuscany to make it as relaxing, inspirational, educational and as fun-filled as possible. There will be great food, good company and excellent photo-making opportunities.

Here are some black and white shots taken by Damien Lovegrove on recent photography workshops in Tuscany. The are typical of the nature and style of the shots we will be taking on this workshop.

black and white pictures of models shot by Damien Lovegrove in Tuscany


The exact details and timings are subject to change including the models. Our workshop days may be moved around if the weather requires us to do so.

Arrival Day
Check-in at our villa from 4pm
Welcome drinks on the terrace as the sun goes down

Workshop Day 1
Model 1: Tatiana Farnese
Breakfast at the villa
Abandoned farmhouse shoot
Lunch at our villa
Shoot in the grounds or the bedrooms of our villa
Dinner at our villa

Workshop Day 2
Model 1: Tatiana Farnese
Breakfast at our villa
Abandoned villa shoot
Lunch at our villa
Shoot in the countryside near our villa
Dinner at our villa

Workshop Day 3

Model 2: Martina Bellacima
Breakfast at our villa
Shoot at abandoned farmhouses
Lunch at our villa
Pool shoot and formal gardens art nude shoot
Dinner at our villa

Workshop Day 4

Early drive to Pienza (44 minutes)
Morning landscapes at D’Orcia valley
Breakfast in San Quirico
Model 3: tbc
Abandoned villa shoot
Lunch in Pienza
Abandoned farmhouse shoot & chapel shoot
Drive back to our villa (40 minutes)
Farewell dinner at the villa

Departure Day

Breakfast at the villa
Check out and depart

Our Accommodation

Our home for this workshop is Podere Bugnanese or now better known as Hotulanus

We will be staying in this luxury 9 bedroom private villa near the hilltop village of Seggiano. We will each have our own en-suite bedroom and because we have the villa exclusively we can shoot anywhere and everywhere on site.

Our Models

We will have three fabulous models to photograph in Tuscany this year. Martina Bellacima has already been confirmed as I have shot with her on many occasions and she is fabulous.
Model 1: Tatiana Farnese (workshop days 1 and 2)
Model 2: Martina Bellacima (workshop day 3)
Model 3: TBC (workshop day 4)

Experience level

This workshop will suit intermediate to advanced photographers. If you know how to adjust manual settings on your camera you will be fine. No previous experience of working with off-camera flash is required. I’ll teach you everything you need to know. I’ll show you how to communicate with our models in a way that keeps the photographs looking relaxed and natural. You will become a more confident photographer over our four days of shooting in Tuscany. Especially when it comes to photographing people.

Here is a small selection of my colour photographs of our model Martina taken on previous photography workshops in Tuscany.

Martina Belacima in Tuscany shot by Damien Lovegrove

I love working with a minimal colour palette. The earth colours and fabulous textures in Tuscany give the photographs a beautiful look.

Camera kit suggestions

  • A Mirrorless or DSLR camera
  • A variety of lenses covering the equivelent of 24mm to 200mm on full frame
  • A tripod and ND filters for optional long exposure landscapes
  • If your camera is a DSLR you will need a Hoodman style loupe

Lighting kit

I will supply all the lighting kit needed for this workshop. In a lot of instances we will be using a Lupo 1000 LED spotlight. I will also bring a Godox AD200 Pro with me too and Scatterflash. I will supply flash triggers for each of the makes of camera in our group. There are dedicated triggers for Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax and Olympus.

The Landscapes of Tuscany

Landscapes of the Val Da'Orcia in Tuscany

Places we will visit on our excursion to Pienza in the Val d’Orcia

What you can expect from me – your tutor

This photography workshop in Tuscany has evolved to incorporate the best of our experiences over the past four years. You will love it. I have an honest approach to sharing my knowledge and skills gleaned over 35 years. Be prepared to soak up invaluable tips and information because these skills will give you the confidence to take your photography to the next level.

I am kind, sharing and patient. I take care to communicate in a way that reaches every level. I won’t leave you struggling if you are lost in camera menus and I won’t ignore you if you are quietly getting great photographs. What I’ll do is to show you how to build rapport and communicate with our three models to make structured poses look quite relaxed and natural. Nothing is left to chance. Everything has a purpose and I’ll share with you how I style each shot. I have a clear understanding of light and I’ll teach you how I find great light. Once you know what to look for everything becomes easier. When we are using the Lupo Superpanel we will be recreating a natural lighting style. This attention to detail will ensure you capture portfolio grade images from day one and feel empowered to capture fabulous photographs on your own after the workshop too.

My workshops are not just about learning, they are fun, creative adventures. I am fastidious with the event planning and preparation. Decent preparation allows me to concentrate on delivering a fabulous learning experience.  You will leave this workshop a more confident photographer with images to be proud of and memories to last a lifetime.

Damien Lovegrove in monochrome

What’s included

  • Private villa accommodation
  • All breakfasts, lunches & evening meals
  • Refreshments – water (teas & coffee too where available)
  • Three professional models with shoots on all four days

After the workshop, I will offer you a complimentary 1:1 picture review session over Skype at a time to suit you. I’ll be able to suggest different approaches to post production and give valuable feedback on your photographs. My clients have found this service to be of particular value as so much can be achieved after the shot has been taken.

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • Car hire & fuel
  • Travel insurance
  • Evening drinks

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The beautiful scenes around Seggiano

I took these photographs in the grounds of our villa and the surrounding Seggiano area when I went to recce this workshop in October 2019. I found these secret waterfalls. There was no one around and the magic was made all the more special by the sound of the water crashing through the ravine. We will visit these locations for sure. They are within 10 minutes drive from our villa.

Reviews by 2019 Tuscany workshop attendees

Here is what Ivan Deleus from Mechelen, Belgium had to say about the 2019 Tuscany workshop…


“I had great expectations on the Lovegrove Adventures shooting trip in Tuscany. A few years ago I met Damien in Belgium on a Broncolor lighting workshop. I was shooting with the same lights, and wanted to see a pro at work. Since then I have followed Damien’s photography on the internet.

This year the Tuscany workshop came along at the right time for me. Although it was an expensive trip, it exceeded all my expectations. Epecially Damien’s didactic and technical skills, and the excellent models. The use of the ever changing natural light during the day was an eye opener for me.

We hunted for the light and sometimes the light hunted us. I have been able to take a lot of beautiful photos on this Tuscany adventure. Damien’s eye for detail and excellent organization, the locations and alternatives made this an unforgettable adventure.

Thanks Damien!


Ivan Deleus

Here is what Heidi Back from Vancouver, Canada had to say about the 2019 Tuscany workshop…


I am still in awe from my third travel adventure with Damien, another trip that has surpassed my expectations. With every workshop I feel my photography is elevated to new heights, but there is more to it. It is not just about creating beyond beautiful images but creating blissful memories that last forever.

The models: were all amazing in their own right. The fact that we had three models was essential for portfolio building; having two Italian models added authenticity.

Damien: went the extra mile to make sure we all ‘got our shots’. He managed the group, program and situations very well. He is not only a world-class photographer but an amazing instructor as well; and his enthusiasm is contagious.

What makes these workshops with Damien so special is the selection of shooting locations, the high quality of the models, the level of instruction, charming accommodations and last but not least the sense of adventure.

There is a lot of thought and planning that went into this trip on your end. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to join in. I had a fantastic time and thank you all very much!


Heidi Back

What you will have to take away from this trip to Tuscany

“I find the biggest problem my clients face, and especially when working with flash, is a tendency to overthink the situation.” Damien Lovegrove

You will come away from this workshop in Tuscany feeling immensely inspired and motivated to get out and practice what you’ve learned. My passion and enthusiasm for photography are infectious, confidence-boosting and I’ll guarantee you’ll capture images you can be proud of.

I will impart my knowledge and experience as I guide you through the creative process. Whilst learning how best to interact with your subject, you’ll master how to use professional lights and naturally available light for dramatic effect.

This workshop is limited to just 6 participants so that everyone has plenty of time and personal guidance from Damien. Expect a high-energy ‘let’s make it happen’ attitude from me as well as my usual bucketful of enthusiasm. I guarantee you’ll come away from this trip recharged with motivation.

  • Feel empowered as a photographer
  • Have fun doing what you love
  • Become an expert
  • Ignite your passion
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Invest in yourself
  • Get away on an adventure
  • Take fabulous photographs
  • Make new friends
  • Have the most amazing experience
  • Wonderful memories that will last a lifetime

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The small print

A deposit payment of £500 is required at the point of booking. You can pay online via PayPal, debit/credit card or you can contact us to pay via bank transfer.


If this virus lurks around into September and if your country advises against foreign travel due to the Covid virus I will offer you a full refund. No quibbles.

Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel your place on this event for any reason other than Covid-19, no refund will be available unless your place is resold. If you would like to cancel please contact us by phone or email as soon as possible.

The exception to this is if we have prior notice and are able to put a cancellation place back online AND your place is resold. In this event, we will, of course, make a full refund or credit to you. We also reserve the right to cancel any workshop if there is insufficient demand, especially if it means that our costs would be higher than our income. Please, therefore, do not leave it until the last few weeks if you are interested in a particular event, as you may find that it has been removed.

Some costs for each training event remain the same regardless of how many attendees there are, just like any pre-booked tickets for the theatre, concert, flights, etc. We are therefore unable to give a full refund in the event of non-attendance, regardless of the circumstance. (The exception to this being the Covid 19 statement)

Please note that we cannot be liable for any other costs incurred by yourself, so please check with us before booking any non-refundable accommodation or transport.

Please take a look at our full terms and conditions.