Urban Portraits – 22 June 2021


Date: Tuesday 22 June 2021
9.30am – 5.00pm
Price: £396 incl vat
Location:  Meet @ Bristol Millennium Square
Group size:
 5 (max.)
Tutor: Damien Lovegrove
Model: TBC

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6 reviews for Urban Portraits – 22 June 2021

  1. D. Hill

    “I love Damien’s work so to get the opportunity to spend a day in Bristol passing on his knowledge was a dream. A brilliant day, took me out of my comfort zone and came away with new ideas for urban photography. Would definitely recommend a day with Damien and would do it again if the opportunity arises. Definitely 5*” D. Hill

  2. M. McKenzie

    “An absolutely outstanding day spent with Damien and model Sasha on Urban Portraits. The shoot was not rushed and every one of our small group was given ample time to get their shots in the bag. Damien’s style of teaching is second to none, and his ability to impart knowledge in a totally relaxed manner means that you walk away, with a great understanding of what you’ve learned. Some of my long standing lighting “theories” were turned on their head, and the quality of the resulting images were just stunning. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a genuine desire to take their outdoor portraits to the next level, you will be delighted with what you can achieve.” M. McKenzie

  3. S. Reece

    “I had waited a long time to be able to attend one of Damiens workshops. From the moment I signed up I was impressed by the speed of response and the care and attention to detail in the pre-workshop communications and the day itself was very well organised and executed to ensure we got the maximum benefit from our day and Damien is so enthusiastic. I have no hesitation in recommending them.” S. Reece

  4. M. Darke

    “What can I say?

    The day with Damien was amazing, full of information on lighting and set-ups with a stunning model who was very professional indeed. Discovering useful shooting locations that I would never have thought would work through to camera and technique advice I found the whole experience absorbing and entertaining in equal measure.

    Some of my images taken on the day are my best to date and I will most certainly be investing in the simple lighting set-up that Damien was using on the day. Can’t wait to put some of what I have learnt into practice.

    Think my next aim is to spend some time with Damien in his studio or learning about multiple lighting set-ups and working with a model in a studio environment.

    Five stars are not enough, ten would be more like it!” M. Darke

  5. T. Hanvey

    “Brilliant day produced by a profession enthusiastic and passionate photographer. Damien makes it so easy to get interested in the subject he is teaching. He is patient and helpful throughout the day and I have ended up with some great photos of the day. The small team of 5 was ideal for the shoot and it was great to associate with such a nice group. I cannot finish without complimenting DL on the choice of model (Sasha). She was beautiful and most of all very accommodating letting us get our shots in, nothing was too much trouble for her. I am now asking myself why it took me to long to engage with Damien and look forward to our next meet.” T. Hanvey

  6. M. Rooke

    “An absolutely revelatory day’s workshop. I cannot praise Damien enough for the way he organised the learning experiences and shared his knowledge with energy and enthusiasm. I learned a lot in a very short time and could not recommend Lovegrove Adventures more highly. I like to capture ‘authentic’ looking portraits and Sasha was a brilliant model from start to finish, giving me exactly what I was looking for.” M. Rooke

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