Scatter the light to create some magic

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A set of three gels and four clips that are used with LED spotlights to create beautiful dappled light. Scattergels are inexpensive, easy to use and transform any scene. Included in the tube are the three gels wrapped with a band of reusable Velcro and four attachment clips.

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Beautiful light is something that cinematographers have been creating for many years using gobos. Now that photo/ video lights utilise cool running LEDs we can use Scattergels attached to a set of barn doors to create fabulous dappled light.

Scattergels can also be used with Speedlights or the Godox AD200 via the Aputure Light Storm attachment and barn doors on a Godox S2 bracket.

For Scattergels to be most effective the spotlight needs to be a single point source. Modern open-faced spotlights that have a single circular LED of approximately 20 to 35mm in diameter are ideal. They need to be fitted with a black, non-reflecting barn door holder or a Fresnel lens with barn doors.

Click here for the full information page with technical requirements, compatibility, specifications and inspiration.