Deposit – Orvieto 10 to 16 Sept 2023


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Attended Tuscany 2021

“Thank so much for an absolutely amazing workshop. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your willingness to share ideas and your ability to create an atmosphere of humor and serious photographing. I often look at my pictures and they makes me happy reminding me of four very very inspiring days.”

Peter Moller


Attended Tuscany 2021

“What happens when you combine your vacation with a Lovegrove Adventure? Perfection happens. In addition to: glorious accommodation, fabulous food, exquisite models posed in superb locations, you receive Damien’s unsurpassed photographic expertise. His guidance has not only elevated my photography, it has also created wonderful travel memories. I’ve been on five Lovegrove Adventures and will continue to enjoy them for as long as I am able.”

Marie Sauter

New York

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