Deposit for Deserts and Gold Dust 2024

A fun, nine-day photographic, road trip, adventure exploring the deserts and abandoned gold mines of Nevada & California.  Tour leaders: Damien Lovegrove & Martin Hill


The deposit is approximately $1000 and the final balance payment of $4975 is due on 29th Feb 2024, 76 days before the workshop. It will be payable by Bank Transfer to my New York bank in US$. Full payment instructions will be on the invoice issued in January.

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Google reviews from the Deserts & Gold Dust Adventure 2023

This was the best photography trip that I ever went on by a mile and a half. Worth every penny. From unique small western towns to getting stuck in the mud to traipsing through abandoned mines and singing in saloons, the whole thing was a whirlwind adventure. I’m delighted with the 300+ final images I took away from the trip and all the skills and experience gained too. What great fun and great learning! So glad I signed up, and so glad I had the opportunity to shoot with Damien Lovegrove.
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I attended the 2023 Deserts and Gold Dust USA tour and it was, an amazing adventure.... Nine days with Damien Lovegrove, his assistant Martin, and two first-class models - so surreal and I had to pinch myself often. Damien's planning is impeccable and well thought out. When the inevitable hiccup happened (flat tires, getting stuck) they were handled with ease, comradery, and some laughs. Damien, Martin, and the models were a pleasure to travel with, approachable, kind, and carried a spirit of adventure! The group of attendees bonded quickly, and we really enjoyed each other's company, with many new friendships. We all made the most of every moment. This trip was so much more than photography, and the photography was exceptional.

I can summarize by stating that had I forgotten my camera I would have had an equally amazing adventure!
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9 days (8 nights) of fabulous photography and adventure

Dates: 15th-23rd May 2024
Tutors:  Damien Lovegrove & Martin Hill
Genre: Portraiture, plus the occasional landscape
Group Size:  Maximum of 12 participants