Fun – Inspiration – Passion

“Join me as I take you around the world in search for the textures and details that make up my style of location portraiture. I will show you how I find cool locations and my complete planning process for lighting and styling decisions. Many of the techniques and image styles that I will share with you in this two hour presentation can be translated into products for paying clients. Indeed, several of the locations featured in this talk are just minutes away from either Mechelen or Fribourg. Let’s have a fun and inspiring evening together.”

Damien Lovegrove

Damien Lovegrove, British photographer and photographic tutor for photography workshop in Tuscany

Event Details

  • An evening of inspiration and fun
  • Damien’s location finding secrets revealed
  • Practical photography tips and shortcuts
  • Lighting on location with flash & continuous
  • Establishing a style at the shooting stage
  • Shooting collections of pictures
  • Shooting for profit
  • Limited to an audience of 35 participants
  • Refreshments provided

Fribourg – Switzerland

7pm on Saturday 21st August 2021
Mirage Photography Studio, Route du Jura 23, 1700 Fribourg


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Mechelen – Belgium

7pm on Wednesday 22nd September 2021
Mechelsesteenweg 257, 2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Mechelen


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