1:1 Photoshoot with Damien Lovegrove

Master your camera on a fabulous, fun photoshoot. This is your chance to improve your lighting techniques and shooting confidence. Supercharge your photography with one to one expert guidance.  Your shoot can be tailored to suit your needs entirely.

Location, location, location. You can shoot in a studio, a hotel room, at the beach, on city streets, in the desert or in abandoned villas. Whatever option you choose we will have a fun, creative photoshoot. We can use flash or continuous light as appropriate. You can shoot with any make of camera as I have flash triggers to suit them all.

Your personal photoshoot

Your genre – Choose from Boudoir, Hollywood Glamour, Artistic Nudes, Urban Portraits, Street Fashion and Figure in the Landscape.

Your Location – Choose from one of our top UK venues or a location in the country of your choice.

Your choice of model – Choose from the extensive list of Lovegrove Girls, a model local to the shoot location. A guy or girl. We work with models of all ages and sizes. We can shortlist models that meet your brief exactly.

Prices from £650

A full day of training with me is £1000+vat. A half-day is £650+vat. On a full-day session, I usually start the shoot at 9.30am and the shoot usually ends at about 5.30pm. Lunch and refreshments are included. I will supply all the lighting kit that we need and the styling too. I am happy to provide email support and preparation advice prior to your training day to make sure you get the very most out of your time with Me. If necessary we can put together a mood board for us to refer to during the shoot.

I am very accustomed to linking several training days together to create a longer photoshoot experience. We can put together a cost-effective package for you to make your multi-day photo shoot more appealing. Please ask for a quote.


We can book a Model from about £300, payable by you on the day. A make-up artist that can do hair is often a great asset on a shoot too. We can arrange for one of those to attend for the first part of the day or the whole day as required. Prices from £150. The cost of the venue if we are using a stately home or a hotel is extra too. If there are significant travel expenses for me these will need to be covered at cost.

Tip: The advantage of staying in a hotel is that your accommodation and the shooting venue costs can be rolled into one.  If we are shooting Hollywood Glamour, Boudoir or Lifestyle Nude genres we can use your hotel bedroom or suite as the shoot location.

Hotel rooms are perfect interior locations for 1:1 training because they are often intimate places suited to a small shooting team.

Your Options in detail

Photoshoot Locations

I teach in many different locations throughout the world and I am always open to new ideas. Possible shoot locations for a 1:1 session include:


  • A commercial studio in the city of your choice
  • A boutique hotel room or suite
  • A beach, wilderness or desert
  • City streets
  • A Greek island
  • A Tuscany villa
  • An abandoned mansion
  • A French chateau
  • In a unique location just about anywhere in the world

Genres on offer

We can arrange to shoot a mix of genres, for instance, we can start at 9:30 am at your hotel and shoot there until lunchtime. We can then go out for lunch before shooting fashion on the streets of the city.


  • Boudoir & beauty interior portraits
  • Fashion and fashion nudes
  • Lifestyle interior portraits
  • Classic Hollywood glamour
  • Street and urban portraits
  • Couple photoshoots
  • Fashion on the streets
  • Figure in the landscape
  • Artistic nudes

Skill level

Your photography craft skills can be at a basic level or advanced. I am kind, patient and will teach you at a challenging yet fun pace.

Group Experiences – Sharing the cost

Share your training experience with friends. If you have already organised yourself into a group and are keen on attending a personalised training event then this is for you.

Your personal tutor: Damien Lovegrove

I am kind, sharing and patient. I take care to communicate in a way that reaches every level.

We can set up the in-camera menus together and I will check every aspect of your camera craft skills as we shoot to ensure you are working effeciently to get fabulous pictures.

I’ll show you how to build rapport and communicate with our model to make structured poses look quite relaxed and natural. Nothing is left to chance. Everything has a purpose and I’ll share with you how I style each shot.

I have an understanding of light that I’m well known for and I’ll teach you how I see the light. Once you know what to look for everything becomes easier. If we are using the flash we will be recreating a striking natural light look.

My attention to detail will ensure that you capture portfolio grade images and internalise the knowledge needed for your own shoots in the future.

Damien Lovegrove, British photographer and photographic tutor for photography workshop in Tuscany

Let’s make this happen

Email us and we will liaise with you regarding dates, locations, models and genres. Laura and Blaise will get everything organised so that we can immerse ourselves in a fabulous photo shoot.

“You are a true gentleman and your way of creating a respectful environment for the model was a great source on inspiration to me”

I’m ready to book

Click here to request a chat with me about your options. Or book your place below and I will contact you to arrange all the details. A 1:1 photoshoot training day makes an ideal present for a passionate photographer.

Reviews from Google

I love Damien's work so to get the opportunity to spend a day in Bristol passing on his knowledge was a dream. A brilliant day, took me out of my comfort zone and came away with new ideas for urban photography. Would definitely recommend a day with Damien and would do it again if the opportunity arises. Definitely 5*

Dave Hill

I learned about Damien Lovegrove when I was searching the internet for Classic Hollywood look.
After looking into his work to create magical classic Hollywood looks straight out of the camera without much editing using continuous lights, I was very much in love with his photography techniques and lighting skills.
During our 1:1 Training, Damien explained his lighting techniques which are sometimes very subtle yet...
read more

Dr. Abdulaziz Almutawa

We had a four day 'Adventure' in Morocco - great locations proposed by the local Mr Photography, MK. Damien Lovegrove was really helpful,, directing a range of excellent scenes with a delightful UK model, changes of clothes and accessories. Damien also gave me some really useful tips about ways to merge ambient light and strobes. A big success. Thanks.

John Stork

Brilliant day produced by a profession enthusiastic and passionate photographer. Damien makes it so easy to get interested in the subject he is teaching. He is patient and helpful throughout the day and I have ended up with some great photos of the day. The small team of 5 was ideal for the shoot and it was great to associate with such a nice... read more

Terry Hanvey
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