1st January, 2019

1-1 Training


Do you want to master your camera, launch a new product for your business, improve your lighting techniques or simply learn how to shoot portraits with confidence?

If so, here’s your chance. Award winning UK-based photographer Damien Lovegrove can be booked for bespoke photography training days anywhere in the world.

• Shoot in a studio, a hotel room, the beach, the city streets. Your training can take place anywhere in the world.
• You’ll be granted full copyright release to use your pictures as you like – for your portfolio, business, promotional material and website
• Receive expert tailored tuition, feedback and advice throughout the day
• Make use of any lighting equipment or cameras Damien owns


Damien’s day rate is £1000 + vat or £550 + vat for a half day.  A typical full day usually starts at 9.30am and ends at 5.30pm. Lunch and refreshments are included. Your day will also include access to Damien’s extensive camera and lighting kit. We’re happy to provide email support and preparation advice prior to your training day to make sure you get the very most out of your time with Damien.


Model, Make-up-artists, venue costs and Damien’s travel expenses are an additional cost.

TIP: The advantage of staying in a hotel is that your accommodation and venue costs are rolled into one as you could use your bedroom as the shoot location.


Damien can teach many different portrait genres and technical skills to improve your photography. Here’s a small sample of what your day could include:
Boudoir & Beauty Portraits
Art Nude
Classic Hollywood
Or another genre of your choice or a combination of genres
Speedlights and Triggers
Portable Big Flash
Continuous Lighting (Lupo)
Studio Flash
Mixed Light Sources
Creative Lighting Techniques (Coloured Gels, Scattergels™)


You could save money by grouping together with friends or colleagues to share your training experience. If you are keen on attending a group training event and have already organised yourself into a group, please email us to discuss your needs. Group prices include the Model fees plus lunch & refreshments. Make-up artist or venue costs are in addition to the prices listed below.
• 1-to-2 training (full day) – £650 +VAT per person
• 1-to-3 training (full day) – £440 +VAT per person
• 1-to-4 training (full day) – £335 +VAT per person

“I have to say that you never stopped teaching throughout the whole day. I will recommend the day to all my friends. Your training was first-rate and your welcome friendliness and encouragement to get me out of my comfort zone was inspirational”.


You can travel to us or Damien can travel to your studio or location of choice. We will therefore require his travel and possible accommodation costs to be covered. Let us know when and where you’d like the training and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

Mileage is charged at just 45p a mile and Damien doesn’t charge for his travel time.


We can offer a selection of models for you to choose from that we trust and know will suit your genre/s.  Alternatively you can book your own model or models.

“You are a true gentleman and your way of creating a respectful environment for the model was a great source on inspiration to me”


Lighting studio portraits with one or two lights
In this 1-to-1 session I taught my delegate how to create striking and simple portraits with the minimum of studio equipment. We covered the basics and then went on to shoot the dramatic and stylish images shown here.

It’s not how many lights you have in the studio that matters, it’s what you can do with them that counts. In one exciting session I can teach you how to take control of your lights to produce fabulous portraits. These skills will be with you forever.

More information about this shoot can be found on Damien’s blog.

Makeup began at 8.30am and my delegate arrived shortly after 9.00 having driven down from London. We discussed the day’s proceedings, goals and objectives with the team over coffee. The shoot session started at 9.30am we had various breakouts throughout the day for costume changes, lighting rigging and refreshments. Lunch was at the nearby pub, just 5 minutes walk away. The afternoon session started with a complete change of styles and the day eventually concluded at 5.30pm.

Boudoir shoot training at a boutique hotel in Bristol
This 1:1 training session was for the same delegate as above. He wanted to further develop his skills at photographing women. He stayed in this boutique hotel for two nights and we shot in the bedroom throughout the day between. Chantelle, our model, did her own hair and makeup. We used just one light and a lot of imagination throughout the day.

We have many fine hotels and cottages available for boudoir shoots and you can get great value by combining the shoot venue with your accommodation.

More images from this shoot and lighting set up information can be found on Damien’s blog here.

Urban Portraits in Bristol
A 1 to 1 urban portrait session is one of our most popular training days.  You’ll be shown how to find and use beautiful natural light. You will also be working with lightweight flash units to create the punchy pictures that Damien has become renowned for.

Damien will impart his expert knowledge and experience as he guides you through the creative process. Whilst learning how best to interact with your subject, you’ll master how to use light for dramatic effect.

You’ll pick up invaluable tips on exposure control and composition as well as how to orchestrate a photo shoot to get the best out of your subject.


Considered by many to be one of the worlds most influential contemporary photographers, he is best known for creating portraits that make women look fabulous.

Joining the BBC at the age of 19, Damien worked as a cameraman and trained as a Lighting Director before leaving in 1998 to become a full time photographer.

Now a Fujifilm X Photographer and Fujifilm UK Ambassador, he has travelled the world as a commercial photographer, a wedding and portrait photographer and now a teacher, motivator, writer and columnist.


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“What a truly inspiring day I had last week! I learned an unbelievable amount and came away with some awesome pictures. Thank you for a memorable and inspiring day”